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According to the UK Government :

"You should choose an approved contractor scheme because it provides a recognised hallmark of quality within the private security industry".



Why choose Jomu Compliance to advise you on the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor’s Scheme?

Being an Approved Contractor means that you are part of a scheme which is a recognised hallmark of quality within the private security industry. We will support you to raise the standard of your security company and will put you ahead of your competitors.  

What the Security Industry Authority (SIA) says:

“Approved contractors are demonstrably committed to customer service and the compulsory licensing of their staff. This means their customers can rest assured that every private security operative deployed on their premises will be working within the law”.

The Approved Contractors’ scheme will demonstrate to your customers and suppliers that your business is running professionally. It proves that you continually strive to improve business processes and that you monitor and control service standards.

Your customers can easily distinguish between properly run companies by selecting an Approved Contractor. Your customers will use this accreditation to define who they should use for their security requirements. Being an approved contractor will give your customers peace of mind that you are a professionally run business who looks after its customers and staff.

Achieving the Approved Contractor’s scheme will enable you to secure longer term contracts and plan your long term business.

In addition, by being accredited you are allowed to deploy 15% of your staff while their licences are in progress.

We will develop all the required processes, procedures, forms, records and work with you to produce the required evidence for assessment.  This is in line with ISO 9001, BS 7858 (Security Screening) and the other relevant standards for your particular security company.  


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